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SeaPort Enhanced

SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) is a contracting method to announce, receive and award Navy and Marine Corps virtual systems command task orders to approved prime vendors and their team industry partners across seven geographical zones. The basic contract is a multiple award vehicle for companies holding prime contracts. SeaPort Enhanced task activities are offered for bid and are electronically administered after award through a Navy website.

Contract Number N00178-15-D8141

Contract Period 02 April 2015 - 04 April 2019


  • Zone 1: Northeast Zone

  • Zone 2: National Capital Zone

  • Zone 3: Mid Atlantic Zone

  • Zone 4: Gulf Coast Zone

  • Zone 6: Southwest Zone

  • Zone 7: Northwest Zone

Team member and their capability of expertise and Past Experience: Quality Assurance Program:

This Quality Assurance Plan is to establish a procedure to ensure that the required high quality standards of Tidewater Naval Architects are met and all the deliverables will meet the Task Requirements. It will also assure that all work will be accomplished with adequate internal controls and review procedures which will eliminate conflicts, errors and omissions, and insure the technical accuracy of all designs, drawings and specifications.

POC for Customer Satisfaction and Seaport program

Jackie Chen jhchen@e-computek.com or TidewaterNA@e-computek.com 757-399-0320

Seaport Contracting Officer

Mr. Gary W. Byram Gary.Byram@navy.mil or Seaport_epco@navy.mil 540.653.7087

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